3 Commercial/Industrial Fall-Time Roof Maintenance DO’s!

Fall is in full throttle here at Wm. Kramer & Son, Inc., which means we are ramping up our fully dedicated service department in preparation for fall maintenance needs. We all know that falling leaves are a common threat to a homeowner’s gutter and downspout systems – clogging and creating water back ups, which may lead into foundation and other leaks around the structure, but did you know that leaves/fall maintenance are also a concern for commercial and industrial buildings as well? If you are a property manager, maintenance director, building owner, etc… here are a few DO’s for your fall maintenance.

  1. Pay attention to nature! Be mindful of the weather and how it can affect your building needs. Wet leaves are much more likely to clog your water lines, so be sure to have drain lines and valley lines cleaned several times throughout a wet fall season. Dry leaves like to gather up in corners, up against higher walls, HVAC units, etc… The longer these leaves pile up, the more moisture is collected and higher likelihood of roof deterioration in those areas. Is your building surrounded by trees? What kind of trees? Pine trees drop their pine needles, making home to drains, valley lines, gutters, downspouts. These little needles can cause big problems!
  2. Schedule your fall maintenance strategically. Once you understand your building’s needs and vulnerable areas, scheduling clean ups with your team or local roofing contractor becomes more valuable. Along with the fall cleaning/maintenance, use this time to have your roof inspected. Wm. Kramer & Son, Inc. offers a full inspection report with photos, recommended repairs, and pricing along with all seasonal maintenance. Keeping current with minor repairs will increase the life of your roof and offer long-term cost savings.
  3. Capitalize on the inspection report / recommended repairs, and implement. Winter is right around the corner. Winter has a way to turn small visual deficiencies into holes in your roof-allowing water infiltration into the system. Once water has entered the system, freeze/thaw/moister will continue to worsen the condition. For over 110 years, Wm. Kramer & Son, Inc has found home to the tri state and the weather this area brings. Our roofs are subject so some of the most diverse weather in the country. It is important to prepare your roof for EVERY season!

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