Key Roofing Questions: What Style Suits Your Needs?

published October 19, 2016

Commercial roofing is more than just a covering—it’s a reflection of the business and the property. Choosing the right style of roof is much easier when working with a top roofer like Wm. Kramer & Son. Based in Cleves, OH, the company has established a stellar track record in the 100+ years it has been in operation. Whether you decide on metal roofing, a green roof system, or another kind of roof, you can expect to receive a durable and elegant addition to your property.

When thinking about which roofing style is best suited to your building, it helps to evaluate the situation. To create a pleasant visual for customers and clients, it’s important to have the roof match the architectural character of the rest of the building or the community. If the building is in a leafy neighborhood, a green roof can be a wonderful complement. Alternately, if the area has a more modern feel, a metal roof will create a sleeker look.

Beyond aesthetics, energy efficiency is a factor to consider when choosing commercial roofing. Not only will metal and green roofs reduce the heat-island effect and reduce the strain on your air conditioners, but their presence creates a positive impression of your business. Choosing one of these roof types sends a signal that you believe in sustainability and in helping the environment. Metal roofs, for instance, are often made with recycled materials, while green roofs provide a habitat in addition to conserving water.

It’s valuable to consider which strengths and weaknesses are more relevant to your situation. For instance, if your business is in a region that endures heavy storms, you might want to go with a metal roof to protect your merchandise or equipment as securely as possible. On the other hand, metal roofs can sometimes get a little loud when it rains, so that might be a consideration if clients are constantly streaming through. Green roofs offer outstanding noise insulation, but they work best if you’re prepared to schedule a little extra maintenance.

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